Kemono Games will be throwing shoot-em-up fans a bone (sorry) with the release of ProtoCorgi, a retro-style horizontal shooter where you’ll get to play as a cybernetic corgi. Yep.

Announced today by publisher Deep Silver, ProtoCorgi‘s space-age canine hero Bullet will yap and zap his way through hordes of alien invaders on a mission to save his beloved creator Nixie. With fully animated pixel art, classic horizontal shooter gameplay in the vein of Galaga and some adorable character designs, this new title should be worth checking out when it launches for PC this November.

Additionally, ProtoCorgi will also be released for the Nintendo Switch at a unspecified later date. For those feeling either impatient or just plain curious, a free demo will be available to download via Steam starting Tuesday, June 16 as part of the Steam Game Festival.

This will be the first title from the indie development team at Kemono Games, who operate from Rancagua, Chile.

Screenshots and an official trailer for the game are available below!