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Review: Chicken Police is a clucking fantastic noir adventure

An incredibly entertaining and pleasantly compelling narrative-driven game; one that’s self-aware without smugly winking-and-nodding at the audience. That’s not an easy feat, but The Wild Gentlemen have clearly made great efforts to create a world that can make you laugh out loud without sabotaging its narrative.

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Review: Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Fans of The Walking Dead might be a bit disappointed by how the crossover manifests in the writing. But if you’re potentially hungry for a challenging and mentally satisfying puzzle game with a bit of Walker-slaying flavour, it’s a fun little experiment, even if slightly undercooked.

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Review: Witch It

Whether you’re an old-school Garry’s Mod fan looking for some Prop Hunt nostalgia, or just looking for a well-priced bit of multiplayer mayhem, you can’t go wrong with Witch It.

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